Ghostwriter in economics

Contrary to what their job title suggests, economist ghostwriters are not just concerned with the actual academic ghostwriting in the form of writing. If the client only needs proofreading, they can use it as well as create an outline or provide a commented bibliography that provides a quick and precise overview of the most important authors and theories of a department. Ghostwriters can juxtapose different theories, identify and assess economics models, as well as write complete texts for scientific journals or conferences. They are based entirely on the specifications of the customer and can make their texts both general and special, both strictly sober and academic as well as popular science, essayistic or entertaining.

Structure of economics

Economics consists of the two areas of Economics (Economics) and Statistics EconomicsBusiness Administration (BWL). The subject of the study is the economic relationships, processes and effects in various orders of magnitude. If the focus of business administration is more on the individual company, its pricing, accounting, personnel management and legal forms, economics focuses on the macroeconomic processes, ie the economic processes in the national and international environment.

In addition to the core areas of economics, a number of other fields of research have become established due to the need for specialized professionals. These are dedicated to specific areas that have only recently become the focus of a scientific study over the last few decades. Therefore, in almost every human and social science discipline today, there is also an economic discipline that meets the requirements of interdisciplinary research.

For example, business ethics examines the moral and philosophical foundations of economic action. In business informatics, the use of information technologies in the service of companies takes center stage and economic sociology analyzes the interrelationship between economy and society. Finally, business mathematics tries to make economic connections logically detectable and analyzable. And also in the social sciences, the law and medicine, there are economics specialisms.

The study of economics

Economics can be completed as a diploma, bachelor or master’s degree. According to the two main areas, the economics and the business administration, the different courses of these subjects form the main focus of study. In addition, mathematical and legal knowledge is essential for future economists. Depending on the focus and personal interest, courses in natural sciences and engineering or the increasingly important business informatics can be taken.

Subject-specific specializations may also be taken early, depending on the degree program. These include management and marketing in business administration and economics, financial economics and global markets among others. Depending on the professional perspective and personal focus, an orientation towards business education or computer science is also possible. The economics degree ends with the writing of a bachelor or master thesis.

The career prospects for economists

Even more varied than the study structure reveals are the career prospects and potential applications of laser cutting of metal sheet with sparks economists with a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree. As an employer, all types of companies and numerous institutions come into question. For the selection but also for the job interviews, it is helpful to have specialized in the study early on in a particular area. Thus, economics and industry technical knowledge can be optimally complemented.

Between the study and the dream job, however, students still have to overcome a hurdle with their thesis. With this they document their ability to work scientifically. The work must take into account the current state of research and have the scientific formalities and standards to be recognized.

Universities and Degree Programs – More than Gray Theory

Economics is the subject with the most students in Germany. Graduates find employment in all sectors of the economy. They provide answers to questions about effective sales growth, appropriate salaries, forward-looking company strategies or company balance sheets, and take care of all aspects that affect a company’s business operations. The salary varies greatly depending on the area of application and company size.

Due to the large number of employment fields, an early specialization or a course of study tailored to a core topic can lead to better job prospects and a higher salary.

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