Ghostwriter in Business Informatics

Many terms can be applied to business informatics: on the one hand, it is a bridge science located at the intersection of several fields of knowledge, but on the other hand also a structural science, which deals with the capture of abstract characteristics. Accordingly, the topics that are dealt with by business informants can be correspondingly diverse. The use of specially trained academics for academic ghostwriting is particularly in question when it comes to working out a scientific question, to conceive a work or to have certain parts of the text, program structures and procedural requirements elaborated. This ranges from minor ghostwriting chores and ghostwriter seminar papers to ghostwriter bachelor theses and ghostwriter diploma theses to extensive ghostwriter master theses and ghostwriter dissertations. Editing and final corrections can also be done by these academic assistants. Ghostwriters who specialize in business informatics have knowledge in the meaningful structuring of large amounts of data as well as their topic-oriented evaluation.

Importance and content of business informatics

Business Informatics forms a subarea of ​​economics. Like many other specialized or interdisciplinary fields of economics, business informatics is based on mathematics. With increasing pressure from international competition to make economic processes more efficient, faster and more precise, the importance of BISE increased enormously. Not for nothing is today’s society called “postindustrial” or information society; Without the massive use of computer technology, automated production processes and control mechanisms, today’s productivity – and thus competitiveness on the world market – would not exist.

Business and Computer ScienceBusiness Informatics examines the information and communication processes that arise in economic activity.

It provides the scientific foundation, theories and models on which to develop successful economies. The question to what extent and in which way production or communication processes can be optimized forms the core of entrepreneurial considerations.

The areas of Business Informatics are Business Intelligence, which deals with the management and the evaluation of operational data, and information management, which for example deals with the information and communication architecture within companies and questions of knowledge management. Further areas of business informatics include the area of ​​information and communication systems (such as in the area of ​​controlling) and internet economics, which examines questions of e-business and online marketing.

The study of Business Informatics

German universities offer the study of Business Informatics with the degrees Bachelor, Master or Diploma. The bachelor’s program consists of a combination of basic courses, but also compulsory elective modules, specialization courses and internships.

The basics consist partly of skills, as they are required in other, neighboring subjects, such as the application of mathematical-statistical methods or English language skills. In addition, however, the ability to operate object-oriented programming, as well as the basic command of content and techniques of information processing. In addition, more specific subjects are taught, such as corporate governance, the study of application systems and databases, information management and the “Multimedia and Communication Systems” department. At the end of the study the student has to write a bachelor thesis.

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